The Board of Directors of the Eagle Chase Homeowner’s Association is happy to accept input from owners regarding community matters and interests. Please write or E-mail the Board of Directors.

While we are unable to resolve issues involving individual homeowners and the Builder in regard to defects and Builder performance, we will be happy to offer our “collective experience” advise on how to best proceed with your issue. Please E-mail the Board of Directors for advise.

To report a Violation of the Eagle Chase By-laws and Rules:

The Board of Directors will investigate and take action on all formal complaints.  Please E-mail or write The Board of Directors with the following information:

  • Today’s date
  • By-law or rule alleged not followed (be descriptive in your own words)
  • Address of alleged violation
  • Date of violation
  • Time of violation (if applicable)
  • Your name
  • Your Address
  • Your Lot number

The Board of Directors will hold your name, address, etc. in the strictest of confidence as the issue is resolved.  Our rules, and State law, require that the Board of Directors can not act on “hearsay” and “rumor,” therefore unsigned complaints while not be acted upon.  Please note that E-mail names or nick names are not acceptable.  You can write the Board of Directors at:

Eagle Chase Homeowner’s Association
PO Box 863
Plainfield, IL 60544-0863



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