An approval from the Eagle Chase Homeowner’s Association for your project must be obtained before you apply for a Building Permit from the Village of Plainfield.  See Rule #1 and #2 below.

To apply for a Fence, Deck, Patio or Sidewalk permit :

Submit a drawing (preferably on a copy of your Platt Survey) showing the location and approximate size of your project. This drawing does not have to be to “scale” but must include dimensions and material (cedar, concrete, paving bricks, etc.). Information may be delivered directly to the Board President or sent via U.S. Mail to:

Eagle Chase Homeowner’s Association
PO Box 863
Plainfield, IL 60544-0863

Be sure the following information is included:

  • Name and Evening Phone Number
  • Address
  • Lot Number
  • Platt Survey or Drawing
  • Construction Material Indicated
  • Height (for fences) Depth (for pools)
  • Estimated Completion Date

To apply for an Architectural Change (see Section #2 below) permit : 

Follow the above procedures for Fences, Decks, etc. and also include a before and after architectural rendition (Drawing or Plans).

Approvals within the guidelines of the by-laws will be processed within seven to ten days and delivered by the Board President.  Situations not covered by the guidelines of the by-laws will require additional time (up to sixty days) and discussion by the full  Board of Directors at their next meeting.

Excerpt from Eagle Chase Homeowner’s Association Rules and Regulations 

  1. All Fences, Patios, Decks and Pools must be approved by the Board prior to installation. Application for approval must be in writing to the Board and accompanied by an architectural rendition or drawing on a copy of the Platt survey given to the owner at closing.  Fence styles must befrom the approved list contained in the By-laws of the Eagle Chase Homeowners Association Inc. Note:  Local Government safety regulations regarding Fence height for the installation of a pool will take precedence over the By-law stated Fence heights.
  2. In an effort to maintain pleasing community standards,  All exterior architectural changes must be approved by the Board.  Application for approval must be in writing to the Board and accompanied by an architectural rendition (Drawing or Plans) of before and after.  Examples of but not limited to said architectural changes are:  Room Additions, Garage Extensions or additions, Solar rooms, Green Houses, Porches, Dormers, Mud Rooms, relocation of Windows or Doors, Bay Windows, etc.  Approval will be granted in keeping with the original architectural design of the property in order to maintain property values.
  3. Building Permits issued by local government do not constitute approval by the Boardand do not supersede the authority of the Board as per Illinois law.


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